James P. Fink, Jr.

In Loving Memory of James P. Fink, Jr.

James P. Fink, Jr., 95 yrs., of Honey Brook, PA, died on Sunday, May 17, 2020 at The Meadows Health Care Center of the Tel Hai Retirement Community.

He was born on Friday, October 24, 1924 in Camden, NJ. James was the son of the late James P. Sr. and Marie (Handley) Fink. He was the husband of Eunice M. (Basham) Fink, with whom he shared 67 years of marriage.

Jim joined the Navy on December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. He was 17. He joined the Navy because he loved ships, but he was assigned to work in aviation.

During World War 2 he was stationed on the South Pacific island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. While there, among other things, he loaded planes with bombs.

He shot a Kodiak brown bear while stationed at Kodiak, Alaska.

He and his family were stationed in this order, in: Jacksonville, Florida; Whidbey Island, Washington; Memphis, Tennessee; then Patuxent River, Maryland. At the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, he flew 1000 hours on the Navy’s Super Constellation airplanes, manning the height-finding radar station.

Then from 1962-1964, he and his family were stationed at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station in Puerto Rico. There he was promoted to e9, Master Chief Petty Officer. In Puerto Rico he worked with the Hurricane Hunters. They are the squadron of planes which fly into the eye of a hurricane to measure the hurricane’s strength, direction and wind speed.

Soon after returning from Puerto Rico, Jim retired from active service after 22 years. He went on to work as a civilian in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for 21 years, after which he retired with two pensions from the Navy.

Jim and his wife Eunice, moved to Tel Hai in 1996. His deep faith led him to read through the Bible many times and to pray regularly for his family. Jim and Eunice were generous with charitable contributions to many organizations. His faith also led him to serve in many ways during the 23 years he lived at Tel Hai.

Jim: sorted mail in the mailroom, drove the shuttle, delivered newspapers to Hillcrest residents and pushed residents in wheelchairs to chapel. He especially enjoyed driving for the Amish and getting to know them.

His family will always gratefully remember him as a humble, loving, generous and funny servant-leader.

James was preceded in death by a sister, Evelyn Johnston, and a brother, David Fink.

He is survived by, in addition to his wife Eunice of Honey Brook, by his two sons, Daniel Fink of Sandy, Oregon and Thomas Fink of Hampton, Virginia, as well as by his two brothers, Robert Fink of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and Raymond Fink of Trenton, NJ. There are eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Later, due to the COVID-19 virus, a memorial service will be held at Tel Hai and a private burial will take place at the Basham family plot at the Darlington, Maryland cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in the memory of James to the Tel Hai Care Assurance Fund, PO Box 190, Honey Brook, PA 19344-0190.

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I was a blessed girl to have an Uncle Jim who was both brave in the world and kind with family and friends. On my childhood vacations to visit relatives, he offered me an engaging light-hearted greeting, “Here comes trouble!” with kind eyes. As I grew, he assured me that he said a prayer to God for me every Sunday, by name. At this loss, I realize afresh that Uncle Jim laid a path that made us all both braver and more loving. He was a tough adventuresome guy who lived a self-disciplined life. Much love and care extended to you, Aunt Eunice and to my cousins Dan and Tom. Love to you all! Cousin Carolyn (Basham) Blasko

~ Carolyn Blasko Concord, NH
5/25/2020 10:44:15 AM

My Uncle Jim carried on well the legacy of the quiet godliness of my Grandpop, James P Fink, Sr. As others have mentioned, he had a great sense of humor, a giggly chuckle, and a warm and loving smile. I know that he prayed for all of us deeply and frequently. I was privileged to have many opportunities to visit his home during my childhood, and many more after my move to WA. Because Dan & Carol, Heather & Nathan were my only Fink kin on the West Coast, I have been blessed with so many great memories of picnics, hikes, dinners and holidays spent enjoying my Uncle Jim & Aunt Eunice when they came to visit. He will always be remembered as a wonderful example of a truly Christian man.

~ Sharon Bauman
5/24/2020 9:51:11 PM

In my adulthood I had one visit in the fall of 2000 with much one- on- one time with him, yet my memory of Uncle Jim, even from my childhood remains very vague. However, I was warmly and hospitably treated. I am sure he was a perfect gentleman, caring person, and friend. If even the smallest thing were otherwise, I'm sure it would have been a clear memory. I fully enjoy my personal assurance of seeing him with the Lord.

~ Jonathan Fink via Sharon Fink
5/24/2020 9:18:27 PM

Jim Fink is my sister's father-in-law. I met him probably 3 times...all at weddings. Carol told me he prayed for my family everyday. For that I am humbled and honored and very grateful. One of my memories is of him playing scrabble with my dad who did not see very well at the time. It was great fun watching Dad, Jim, and Eunice enjoy a game together they all loved. I know he is rejoicing in heaven with His Saviour and I know he is deeply missed here. Blessings to the entire Fink family.

~ Edie Wilcox Olsburg, KS
5/24/2020 3:26:44 PM

We lost a legend. ?? My dad's father, James Fink, will always remain the most inspirational, selfless being I have ever had to honor to walk the earth with. The day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, he enlisted in the Navy.. exuding dedication to his country. He persevered until he achieved the rating of E9 Master Chief Petty Officer, showing his vigilance and determination. Theres an epic tale of him shooting a kodiak brown bear in Kodiak, Alaska... proving the fearlessness man can achieve. He pushed wheelchairs to church every sunday, even in his old age, and committed his life to his family and those around him... setting a flawless, yet effortless example of the person we should all strive to be. He helped us grandkids learn from his Amish neighbors, teaching us to respect others and their separate beliefs. His ability to crack jokes til the very end, taught us all to never lose our inner child. I could go on about this man.... Out of everything he has done and accomplished, I know in the end.. his family was his real trophy. I am forever humbled by the priviledge of being named after my grandfather. "He's still here, just in a different form." We will always miss our hero???? I love you "Gaga" -Your Granddaughter Jaimers

~ Jaime Fink
5/23/2020 10:28:39 AM

Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his presence with singing. Psalm 100:2 Be unceasing in prayer. Thank God in everything no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 These bible verses remind me of Jim. Through the years I watched Jim jump in and help and serve many people especially his family. I heard his prayers and knew every Sunday that he was fasting and praying for his family. He lived in a state of thankfulness and gratitude. When i visited him for his 95th birthday in October the last words I got to hear say were, Can I tell you something? God has taken great care of us. God is good! I had the privilege to be his daughter-in-law for almost 35 years. I am missing his his quiet and humble ways of serving, praying and giving thanks. He was an amazing man and the best father-in-law in the world. I will share one memory that took place many years ago. When our daughter Heather was about 6 months old Jim and Eunice came to visit us in the northwest. We all took a trip to Canada. One activity we did was to take a boat ride. The boat was small and as soon as we started I got very sick. The driver suggested I sit in the back of the boat. Dan took me to the back and Jim and Heather stayed up front. I will never forget the smiles on Jim and Heather's face as the the boat bounced over the waves. Jim was sharing his love of boats and the water with his granddaughter.

~ Carol Fink
5/22/2020 7:05:32 PM

I started working at Tel Hai about the time Hillcrest opened, and Jim and Eunice moved in. We were both new to Tel Hai and we became friends. They invited me to their apartment a few times for spaghetti, and Eunice made the best sauce. I enjoyed our visits and the friendship. Jim was such a kind man with a big smile. I remember that he enjoyed driving the Amish. I also remember his commitment to physical exercise - he visited the fitness room in the early morning. I am fortunate to have known Jim.

~ Judy Schweitzer
5/22/2020 3:10:59 PM

Mr. Fink was always courteous and cheerful, thoughtful and kind. He volunteered in so many capacities at Tel Hai Retirement Community from early in the morning throughout the day. His faith lead him to serve in so many ways: from picking up inspirational newsletters in another town and bringing them to Tel Hai to distribute to helping residents in wheelchairs get to and from chapel services. He served in so many behind the scenes activities, never seeking recognition for what he did. He was a humble servant as he followed the example of his Lord.

~ Tim Herr
5/21/2020 5:07:53 PM

"Reflections of my Father" Patriotic, Godly and Loving. Selfless, Intelligent and Humble. Sacrificing, Patient and Loyal. Hard-working, Dedicated and Meticulous. I feel Honored to be his son, but never worthy to walk in his shoes. Giving thanks to God today for a Father who served his Country well, Served his God reverently, and served his family first. "There was never one before him, and there will never be another like him."

~ Tom Fink
5/20/2020 7:06:59 PM

We never had the honor of meeting Mr. Fink, but are close friends with his son Tom and daughter-in-law Raquel. We hold the entire family in our prayers during this difficult time.

~ Lesa Robinson Newbill & Doug Newbill
5/20/2020 6:17:04 PM

Dan Fink, Jim’s son, was and is a good friend mine. I had the pleasant experience of meeting Jim on a hunting trip in the early 1980s I took with Dan on Afognak Island part of the Kodiak archipelago. Jim was in his mid sixties and we were in our early thirties. We were hunting elk and managed to shoot 3 elk the second day of hunting 5 miles back in the woods from the nearest road. It took us 5 days to pack out all the elk. Jim was our gun bearer as carrying 150 pounds of bloody meat in brown bear country necessated Jim being our gunny. He was tough staying with us and encouraging us during our difficult packs. The loads were so heavy it took two people to pull us up from a sitting position. Jim was a wonderful fellow and the world was a better place with him in it. While we were in Kodiak/Afognak hunting, Eunice stayed at our house with Ann, my wife, and Barbara our precocious two old. What pleasure to get to know them both.

~ Marc Lee
5/20/2020 5:21:26 PM

Jim was such a kind and generous man whose love for the Lord was reflected in everything that he did here at Tel Hai. Ever faithful to worship and speak of his faith, he was a strong witness for Christ. He will be deeply missed by the staff and especially the worshippers here at the Tel Hai Chapel. Our prayers go out to Eunice and her family.

~ Chaplain David Hicks
5/20/2020 4:18:50 PM

I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about my father-in-law. I have many fond memories…One worth mentioning is his love for food. Tom and I used to take mom and dad out to eat for their birthdays. The thing that I remember more vivid in my heart is: If we went out to eat and it was at his expense, he would order the entire menu. As I said, he loved his food!!. But, If we were the ones paying for his birthday meal, he would order the smallest and cheapest dish. What a humble, kind, and humanitarian man of God …. He was, is , and will always be, my dad Fink.

~ Raquel Fink
5/20/2020 3:56:17 PM

I had the honor of knowing Mr. Fink throughout my time working here at Tel Hai Retirement Community for the past almost 8 years. My first encounter with Mr. Fink was when he was volunteering on the shuttle and he picked myself and another resident up. I specifically remember this encounter because he was joking around with us 'want to get lost?' 'where do you want to go, the mall?' That smile--- I will always remember that smile. Mr. Fink volunteered many, many hours at Tel Hai. When I became the Residential Living Social Worker, I had many encounters with him and with Eunice. One word that exemplifies him fully is humble. He was so incredibly humble. His faith was deep-- that was evident, he was easy going, had a smile that could light up the room and he always laughed at my jokes! He loved the Lord and he loved his family. We will miss Mr. Fink at Tel Hai very much, but we are so grateful he is at peace and with his dear Lord and Savior. I am sending prayers and sympathy to the entire family. May you take comfort in all the beautiful memories with that dear man.

~ Katie Dougherty
5/20/2020 7:54:18 AM

When I was in junior high and high school in Pennsauken, NJ, Dad used to drive my friend Rick Smith and I, and drop us off at the Philadelphia 76er basketball game. He would drive home, then come back to pick us up at the end of the game. One night, they gave out cheap basketballs at the game. Dad waited with us at the locker room door, waiting for the players, including Wilt Chamberlain, to leave the locker room and sign the basketball. He probably had to work the next day!

~ Dan Fink
5/19/2020 8:09:47 PM

My grandpa was one of the most amazing, generous and godly people I know. I am so grateful for his heart to serve and his desire to serve the Lord.

~ Roxy Grace Mount Laurel, NJ
5/19/2020 8:04:50 PM

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